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Monday Aug 14, 2017

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On this episode of The Overthink Film Podcast, Jorge, Dominic, Jason, and Ben breakdown their experiences in watching Christopher Nolan's new film, Dunkirk. They start things off talking about the different timelines (5:00), then get into the claustrophobic, disorienting nature of the cinematography and editing (14:00), as well as the intensifying "Shepard tone" by Hans Zimmer (18:00). After that, they get into the cinematic style of Dunkirk (26:30) and get into each of their favorite moments (29:30). Then they end things getting deep into the emotional engagement of Dunkirk, as well as Nolan's other work (42:30), before ending things talking about some personal notes (54:15) and a little extra credit advice (55:50). 
That being said, thanks so much to Shelley Roden for her great foley artistry on Dunkirk. Seriously. Sounded amazing. 
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