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Annihilation - Overthoughts

March 17, 2018

Today's Overthoughts brings you an in-depth conversation with Dom, Jason, and Jorge on the new Alex Garland film, Annhilation and the theories, takeaways, and philosophies therein. Enjoy!

4:00 - What makes Annihilation a hard sell to the studio

8:00 - Setting up the film's plot - the big picture

24:15 - The boys' takes on the ending of the film

33:45 - The Ouroboros & some tech talk

39:45 - Telomerase & Autophagy (Jason's take)

44:30 - What does the shimmer represent? (Jorge's take)


Show notes: 

Annihilation and Depression

Binge Mode - Annihilation (Tri-tones)

Waterphone Demo

Life Hacking Life

Priscilla Page review at birthmoviesdeath.com



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