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Phantoms by Acceptance - Best. Album. Ever.

August 20, 2017

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Today's show is the pilot episode of Best. Album. Ever. hosted by Ben Helms. Todays' guest: Corrigan Vaughan. Her album: Phantoms by Acceptance. They get into the nitty gritty of why she ended up choosing this album as the best album (13:40) before getting into her favorite song (or "best" song) on the album (19:50). Then they get into the historical significance of the album (21:50) and analyze the lyrical stylings of singer/songwriter Jason Vena (23:55). Then Ben breaks out his convoluted theory that ties the entire album together (28:00). After that they talk about how artists arrange their albums overall (34:00), as well as the ability to appreciate art for different reasons (40:15). 

And that's it for Best. Album. Ever. Each show will appear on this general Overthink feed once a month, so stay tuned for ep 2 of Best. Album. Ever. coming back in September. As for next week? How To Read Comics. Get psyched!

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