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Black Panther - Overthoughts

February 19, 2018

In today's TOGI-esque Overthougts ep, Corrigan hosts an episode talking all about your new favorite movie: Black Panther! She covers the history of the comic, talks about some of the social and cultural impacts of the character, and of course dives into the film with the help of a few guests...

0:00 - Which came first: the Black Panther Party or the Black Panther comic? The answer might surprise you as Kyo pulls out the first three Black Panther comics and gives a history of the character in Marvel Comics, including the original Jungle Action stories and the controversial Black Panther vs. the KKK arc. 

10:55 - Why Black Panther is so unique and important; the architecture of Wakanda, representation of blackness to be proud of, and the idea of an Africa that does not need saving; why African countries are not just "shithole countries," and the realities of Africa's advancements.

19:00 How Black Panther addresses refugees and global responsibility; how it reflects questions in diasporic African communities, particularly in America, and why that means some elements of the movie are FOR the black audience.

28:00 New Orleans native and Black Panther fangirl Chelsea St. Juniors talks about the importance of black representation to her and in general; looking at Wakanda as untouched by colonialism and European politicking, and the idea that this is what Africa might be like without colonization; the significance of the Dora Milaje and strong women; potential for lgbtqia+ representation in the next film; the theater-going experience with black people.

35:20 The humor of the movie, the brilliance of the casting, and why you should probably see Black Panther at least three times. 

Many thanks to Chelsea for sending us her thoughts! Find her on Twitter: @ifiweremagneto


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