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Children Of Men - The Resistance Rewind

October 2, 2017

In today's episode of The Resistance Rewind, host Chad Franks invites filmmaker Dominic Laing onto the pod to talk about how Alfonso Cuarón's 2006 "Children Of Men" still resonates with today's political and social climate. 

After their meet cute, Chad and Dom get right into the meat of the episode and talk about how and why this film is still relevant today (9:20), before getting into specfiic themes from the film that they see mirrored in today's news cycles (16:45). Then they get into the film's depiction of refugees (22:15) and after that they get into some specific scenes and their individual interpretations of the ending (26:15). Then they finish with the thesis of the film, as well as if they'd want to sit down and watch it with the president or members of congress (44:30), as well as a quick dip into the shallow end of the movie (60:30).

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