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De-escalate the Horror Situation - Topics of Great Importance

October 24, 2017
CoRri's back with more deathly serious questions about the popular culture world. This month she's joined by artist and former Disneyland Jungle Cruise skipper Trevor Kelly to get in the Halloween spirit and discuss allll the things that keep them up at night. 
Jumping off, the question that divides a generation: Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Trevor tries to bring his Disney expertise to the debate. 
[6:35] Next they talk about Trevor's Disney experience, his deep cut Amazon.com art, and drinking in the Anaheim Halloween Parade. Trevor also realizes that people listening to a podcast can't see him. It's a revelation!
[10:40] Trevor and CoRri exchange recollections of the nightmares induced by horror movies and scary stories, and wonder: is it endearing when ghosts want to kill you? 
[19:15] The conversation shifts to things people do in scary movies that drive Trevor and CoRri crazy, how they would fare in a horror movie, and some basic do's and don'ts for survival. Plus, we learn Trevor's brilliant method of getting out of any horror movie scenario.
[27:15] What happens if you find out you're in a horror movie, but no one believes you? Has CrimeLibrary.com properly prepared us all to come face to face with a serial killer? Or maybe to BE a serial killer?
[32:40] The rules of who dies in horror movies often revolve around the morals and values of society, which is why you can't have sex or do drugs or you're gon' get ganked. Trevor explains, though, who the first killed would be in his morality tale, and who would win the blood-soaked day.
[36:00] In the final moments of the show, while battling traffic, Trevor tells a story of making a certain Aerosmith frontman incredibly pissed off at him.
Many thanks to Trevor Kelly for joining the fun on Topics of Great Importance! Check out the links below to become a true Trevor fan! After all, he looks just like John Stamos!
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