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Even Southie Ass Gangsters Get Festive - Topics of Great Importance

December 11, 2017
Our first holiday ep! In today's episode of Topics Of Great Importance, Corri and Kyo examine Kyo's odd hair patterns and ponder what a mad scientist would imbue with pumpkin spice scent. 

[6:15] If the cast of The Departed were trying to muster up some holiday cheer, what would they be drinking? Corri also argues that Americans don't do enough group singing. Canada does it better. We need to step it up.

[14:35] What songs are musts for the holidays, and what songs should be relegated to the deepest, darkest pits of despair for all time?
The worst Fhristmas song of all would actually make for a great horror movie murder moment.

[40:20] There are unpopular opinions on Christmas movies that should be abolished, and we have them. Sorry, classic movie fans.

Thanks again to Kyo for joining the pod!
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