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Grim Fandango - Men Of Low Moral Fiber

February 2, 2018

In our first ever crossover episode, we're featuring another member of The Overthink Podcast, Men Of Low Moral Fiber. They're a podcast about retro video games, specifically those related to the LucasArts gaming company. They cover a different game every month, and this is their 23rd game, so check them out if you're at all interested in old PC and console gaming. Enjoy!


We’re back after a month off to bring you all one of the highest-acclaimed LucasArts games ever: Grim Fandango. Somehow this slipped through our fingers in our youth, so we were happy to give it a shot and it did not disappoint! Friend of the podcast, Nick Bontrager joins the boys as Grim is one of his all-time favorites. Thanks again for joining us, man!

After some intro talk, we get into the making-of Grim Fandango at 9:30 in, then dive deeper into the gameplay at 31:30. Of course, we throw in a few rounds of “What’s The Beer? What’s The Song?” at 45:30, and pick next month’s game at the 1-hour mark. Oh man. It’s a doozy! And it’s a console game too! Get psyched, man!

To see more of Men Of Low Moral Fiber, and what episodes and games they've covered, check out their website: www.MOLMF.com.

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