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How We Watch Movies - Overthoughts

January 13, 2018

We love movies here at The Overthink, so we figured we'd get down to the basics and ask a few of our hosts to sit down and talk about how they do just that. So here's a conversation between Ben and Jorge about how they watch movies, including how they approach pre-release information, how they choose what to watch and where, and what their mindset is while watching.

This is by no means intended as a guide, much less a prescription for how everyone should approach film watching, but more so a way to start a conversation to encourage sharing and learning from each other. Hope you enjoy it! 

The rundown:

[02:20] How do we choose what films to see?

[08:15] What do we do with trailers?

[12:00] What about film reviews?

[18:00] How do we prefer to see a film?

[23:00] Do all 3D movies suck eggs?

[33:00] Moviegoing pet peeves

[45:00] Stay for ALL the credits? 

[51:15] What's our mindset while watching?

[58:15] BIGATURES!!! I mean... Special features?

[64:00] How many times do we re-watch films?

[69:00] What's the deal with award shows?



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