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Jurassic Park - The Resistance Rewind

November 6, 2017

In today's episode of The Resistance Rewind, Chad talks with filmmaker James Roland about the political and global impact of the themes behind the 1993 Spielberg blockbuster: Jurassic Park.

After some quick intros, James talks about some of the research he's been doing for an upcoming project (10:00), and then they ask the most obvious question: How close are we to making Jurassic Park really happen?? (13:15) Then they get into what the thesis of the film is, and if James would want to sit down with the president and/or congress to start a bigger conversation (31:00). 

Then they get into any personal takeaways they had (41:30), make an analogy to today's political climate (45:00), and end things with the big picture by covering the state of the JP franchise (52:00).

Show Notes:

The Science and Entertainment Exchange

Radiolab on CRISPR

Raptors in the Forest (my personal essay about Jurassic Park)


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