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My Little Apocalypse - Topics of Great Importance

September 15, 2017

Thanks for stopping by The Overthink again. Today's show is Topics of Great Importance, a show in which Corrigan Vaughan asks the most important pop-culture questions that most of us never even thought to even ask. Today's guest is Cameron Louis, a producer at The Woody Show, who sheds some light on some rather important topics, and shares an amazing story as well.

Corri starts things off gently with talking about who is Cameron Louis and what does he do on The Woody Show (3:00), before getting into the most recent controversial Disney casting news (5:45). Then they get into the most important topic of the night: which apocalyptic movie would you most/least want to be stuck in (19:15), and of course a nice little segment of Let's Ask Some Drunk People (32:50). Then they end their important discussion with a very interesting tale in this special segment of "I'll Tell You A Story, Corri" (35:29), before they talk about what else they've been listening to recently (42:45). 

Thanks again to Cameron Louis for joining the podcast! You can follow him and his tales of wonder and importance over on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Topics of Great Importance will appear on this Overthink feed once a month, so stay tuned for more essential questions from Corri and her guests. 

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