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Path of the Berserker - How To Read Comics

March 13, 2018


Today's HTRC picks up where the boys left off with Wolverine - Intro to Snikt. This being Jason's favorite comic series, he helps walk Nick through some of Wolvie's greatest "hits":

Wolverine by Chris Claremont (3:20)
Weapon X (11:20)
Wolverine #90 (19:35)
Old Man Logan (28:29)

Then Jason and Nick try to bring it all together (34:17) by talking about Wolverine's path through all these comics. The Path of the Berserker. What drives this character? What can stop him? As well as finding the little Wolverine in all of us.


Here's the reading list for an introduction to Wolverine again:

by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller
Link: //a.co/c9DJwUv

“Wolverine: Weapon X” 
by Barry Windsor-Smith 
Link: //a.co/hLn9XfK

“Wolverine: Old Man Logan” 
by Mark Millar
Link: //a.co/5x1fUpw

“Wolverine #90” (1995)
by Larry Hama
Link: //readcomiconline.to/Comic/Wolverine-1988/Issue-90?id=10567

“The Essential Wolverine, Vol. 1” 
by Chris Claremont
Link: //a.co/cMPJuUE


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