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Pretty Woman - The Resistance Rewind

January 16, 2018

This week Chad is joined by two experts, Natalie Weaver and Hannah Helms as they chat about Pretty Woman and the social and cultural implications and inferences within, specifically regarding prostitution and human trafficking. Through their thoughtful conversation, they dig through the depictions of characters within the film, and their relation to the people they're portraying, to see just what can be gleamed from the 1990 romantic comedy. 

After the introductions, Chad asks his guests what the movie got right and what it got wrong (4:30), and then they get into reality vs. Hollywood narratives (15:15). Then they dig a little deeper into commercialism and white washing, and discuss race and class (21:40). Then on the lighter side of things, they rate the romance of the film (34:30) and end with some hypothetical popcorn with the president (55:15).

Show Notes:

Dignity Heath Human Trafficking Response Program

Siskiyou Anti-Trafficking Coalition

HEAL Trafficking

Walking Prey by Holly Austin Smith

Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

And Life Continues by Wendy Barnes

The Rebecca Bender Initiative

Elle Snow & Game Over

Multnomah County Collaborative

Making of a Girl

Very Young Girls

Rachel Lloyd's personal story (She actually mentions Pretty Woman)


TheLifeStory.org (not sure if you want to add this or not. It's going to be an incredible compilation of survivor stories but will likely not launch until next month): http://thelifestory.org/


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