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Gangs of New York - The Resistance Rewind

September 3, 2017


Thanks for checking out another episode of The Overthink. In today's episode of The Resistance Rewind, host Chad Franks invites Ben Helms onto the podcast to talk about the 2002 Martin Scorsese drama, Gangs of New York. The film is just starting to show its age, but the themes and topics of the film are still very relevant in today's culture. We'd love to hear how you feel as well, so please drop us a line with your opinions on the film, our thoughts, or just anything else about the show. 


After some introductions, Chad and Ben get into the history of the film (8:10), then get talk about how relevant it still is today (15:15). Then they talk about Bill "The Butcher" as a modern day hero to some and Bad Fan Syndrom, or BFS (31:00), discuss the film's thesis and whether they accept or reject this thesis (35:00), and if they'd want to play this film for the president (40:30). They get a little deeper into BFS (43:00) before talking character allegories for real life people (48:15). They end things on a lighter note with some fashion observations (61:00), whether Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor or not (62:00), and wonder why Cameron Diaz isn't doing more Oscar-bait type dramas (68:00). Then they end things talking about whether they'd recommend this film to others (74:00). 

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