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Safdie Brothers: The Pure and the Damned - The Closeup

September 11, 2017

Thanks for downloading another episode of The Overthink. Today's show is The Closeup, hosted by James Roland and David Veloz, two filmmakers who take a close look at a single filmmaker (or in this case, a set of brother filmmakers), and try to find connections in styles, techniques, and themes across all of their works. 

On today's episode of The Closeup, James and David take on the Safdie Brothers. They start with their latest film, Good Time (in theaters now), and compare its themes and style to the other Safdie works. 

The boys start off with a look at Good Time and the characters and story, and how they unfold throughout the film. They quickly get into the tools in the Safdie Brothers' toolbox and what they did to make Good Time so unique (15:00). Then they back up and look at the big picture and meaning of the film (23:30), before James breaks down his theory behind it all (36:00). They dive deep into the ending credits song, and how it weaves into the greater narrative (41:30), and then talk about the difference between heroes and antiheroes in character development (48:30). Finally they get into how Good Time fits in with the Safdie Brothers' other works (51:50), and how their style really sets themselves apart (56:30), and finish with what they want to see from the Safdies in their future films (68:30).

The Closeup will appear on this Overthink feed once a month, so stay tuned for more insider film analysis from James and David. 

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