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You can’t handle the purge! - Shaken, Not Stirred

March 2, 2018

This is Shaken, Not Stirred, the show in which Heather B discusses the varying challenges related to “adulting”, speaking to the unconventional nuances that we don’t talk about openly, but always show up over a cocktail. Each episode aims to push against societal norms and challenge listeners to think outside of the box in the ways they think about life, themselves, their experiences, and their success. 

Today's episode: You can’t handle the purge!

Moving, new friends, and everything in between.

Guest Host - DJ Dizam

DJ Dizam: //djdizam.com/

Facebook: //www.facebook.com/deejaydizam/

Soundcloud: //soundcloud.com/djdizam

Each episode of Shaken, Not Stirred will appear on this Overthink feed once a month, so stay tuned for more revelations on adulting from Heather and her guests. 

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